Cutting Edge Solutions Sour-Dee 0-0-2

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Energize Your Crops And Boost Their Natural Aromas

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Cutting Edge Solutions Sour-Dee 0-0-2

Sour-Dee supercharges your plant's ability to solubilize and absorb phosphorus from your medium, which assists in increasing yields. Potassium promotes flower bulk and quality by supporting carbohydrate metabolism. Sour-Dee, similar to CES Sugaree, utilizes a unique formula of complex carbohydrates folded into a matrix fortified with an emulsion of trace minerals acting as a compensator. This helps towards the end of the season when lowering sunlight levels will cause drops in photosynthetic rate and ATP (plant sugar) production. This complex mixture of organic potassium, organic evaporated cane juice, plant-derived amino acids, and fruit esters benefits metabolic functions and stimulates resin and terpene product. Sour-Dee is perfect for terpene profiles with sour, citrus, and piney notes. Sour-Dee can also be mixed with CES's Sugaree for a sweet and sour effect! Sour-Dee can be used in conjunction with all Cutting Edge Solutions products, or other commercial hydroponic nutrients.

Designed for use in Hydroponics, soilless, continuous feed systems, drain to waste, and soil applications. 

Guaranteed Analysis:

Soluble Potash (K₂O) 2% (Derived from Potassium Sulfate) 


2% Sucrose derived from evaporated cane juice and molasses. (microbe food) 

Directions For Use:

Sugaree is a highly concentrated solution. Never mix undiluted concentrates as this may result in nutrient lock-up. Add each nutrient separately to water and aerate reservoir regularly. Apply Bulletproof Si to water before any other nutrients. Shake well and measure carefully using a milliliter measuring cup. If using Micro 6-0-0, add Micro 6-0-0 first to water, then other nutrients. Monitor ppm/EC and pH in reservoir and top off with fresh water as needed. Reservoir temperature should be 60-68 degrees F. Do not store product in direct sunlight. Do not freeze. Mixing Instructions Initial Flowering Stage 10 ml per gallon of water Final 3-4 Weeks of Flowering 10 to 30 ml per gallon of water.

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Length (in)3
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