Warranties & Returns


Every product that is offered on growgear.com and over the phone is a resale item. All of the items we sell are completely new and, when available, come with warranties from the manufacturers. As part of our dealer agreement, the manufacturers have guaranteed to protect us and our consumers from faulty items. If you have a question about a warranty on a product you bought from GrowGear.com, we can help you get in touch with the manufacturer.

By using our website, you agree that you understand  that warranties regarding patents, materials, workmanship or use of the Equipment (the "Manufacturer's Warranty"), if any, are made exclusively by the Manufacturer and not by Vendor, and if made, shall be encompassed within a separate agreement. Customer's exclusive remedy under Manufacturer's Warranty shall be as provided therein and shall lie exclusively against and be obtainable only from the Manufacturer, and Customer expressly agrees that it shall have no claim or cause of action against Vendor in the event the Manufacturer is for any reason unwilling or unable to perform under the terms of Manufacturer's Warranty.