Twister T6 Bed Knife Assembly

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Twister T6 Bed Knife Assembly. 600-hour lifespan depending on the environment & operator. Genuine Twister Trimmer OEM replacement parts. Bed Knife Assembly for T6.

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    Twister T6 Bed Knife Assembly

    600-hour lifespan depending on environment & operator.

    Blade contact is necessary to maintain a sharp cutting edge and prolong the life of this machine. Having no contact will cause the blades to become dull.

    The bed knife position has been adjusted and tested by the manufacturer, but it will need adjustments over time. The amount of blade contact is adjusted by rotating the clickers which raise and lower the bed knife. Rotate the clickers towards the "+" for a closer cut and away from the "+" for more clearance. Each clicker will adjust the bedknife position at the point of that clicker. For example, clicking "+" at the hopper end will allow for a closer cut at the hopper end. Care should be taken to ensure both clickers are adjusted evenly to make consistent contact along the length of the bed knife.

    To properly align the blades, rotate the clickers away from the "+" until you feel resistance. This is maximum clearance. Make sure both blades are clean then turn the T6 on (refer to the maintenance section for cleaning instructions). It then takes about two full turns toward the "+" to start making blade contact. Make sure to rotate both clickers simultaneously with each hand.

    If contact is made at only one end, indicated by a ticking sound being louder at that end, back the corresponding clicker out by rotating away from the "+". Then rotate the opposite clicker in towards the "+" to even out the bedknife and begin engagement with the reel blade. When one click on each side evenly brings the bed knife into contact with the reel blade, simultaneously rotate both clickers another few clicks closer.

    Weight (lbs)5
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    Width (in)4
    Height (in)4