Twister T4 Trimmer Stand (No Vacuum)

Twister T4 Trimmer Stand (No Vaccum)

Twister T4 Trimmer Stand (No Vacuum)

Twister T4 Stand Only (No Vacuum or T4 Trimming Machine). T4 Trim Savers require a T4 Stand to be purchased unless upgrading from a Leaf Collector Vacuum.

Already Have a T4?

Upgrading to the Twister Trim Saver for the T4 is easier than you think.

It can be done in three easy steps…

  1. Order the new stand for Trim Saver

  2. Place your T4 on top of the new stand

  3. Attach your hose…

You’re done!

Order the T4 stand for Trim Saver

Can't find the Twister replacement part you're looking for? Don't worry, give us a call and we will happily help you find the right part.

Weight (lbs)25.6
Length (in)24
Width (in)16
Height (in)6

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