Royal Gold Mendo Mix, 1.5cf (60 Pack)

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In their laboratory and in performance tests, Royal Gold states the Mendo Mix outperformed all its competitors for transition, growth and quality of fruit. Fortified with the highest-quality ingredients, the formula is based on years of standard Humboldt soil-building techniques. Established plants that have been root bound in smaller containers transplant the best. Fresh rooted cuttings often have problems adjusting to the extreme nutrient charge.

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    Royal Gold Mendo Mix, 1.5cf (60 Pack)

    Royal Gold Mendo Mix was originally developed with the dry outdoor conditions of Mendocino County, California in mind. This mix is heavily charged with organic nutrients and has greater water retention than most soils.

    Ready to use straight out of the bag, Mendo Mix supplies all the organic nutrition your plant will need. The sweetest-tasting fruit can be achieved by using water alone. However, the highest yields have been produced by using supplements with veg and bloom enhancers. Longer-season plants will require increased feedings of complete nutrients as growth increases. Some gardeners choose to "top-dress" with this mix as well. Be sure to mulch the top layer to increase water retention. Mendo Mix also works great when mixed with clays or sandy soils.

    Although the Mendo Mix was designed to be used outdoors, gardeners have enjoyed success in greenhouses and indoors. Because of its superior water retention, feeding indoors will be less frequent. The size of the plant and the size of the container it is in will determine how often it will need to be watered. Royal Gold Mendo Mix will outperform all its competitors in transition, growth, yield, and quality of fruit!

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