Prokure G Chlorine Dioxide Fast Release Gas

Prokure G Chlorine Dioxide Fast Release Gas

Prokure G Chlorine Dioxide Fast Release Gas

Chlorine Dioxide Based Fast-Release Gas Helps Control Odor-Causing Bacteria, Mold, And Mildew

As a cultivator, maintaining a consistent grow environment is critical. Thankfully, ProKure products can address a wide range of the most common cultivator issues, depending on the product series and ClO2 concentration levels.

Formulated for use between harvests to control odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew, ProKure G is an EPA-registered ClO2 breakthrough technology. The ProKure G patented vapor delivery system is deep penetrating and designed for use throughout the year.

Features & Benefits of Prokure G

  • Water-activated ClO2 deodorizer
  • Controls odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • Deep penetrating and patented vapor delivery system
  • For use throughout the year
  • Fast, easy, effective
  • Great for frequent use
  • Formulated to quickly control

Specific Use Areas

  • Greenhouses
  • Indoor & Outdoor Agricultural Facilities
  • Hydroponic Facilities 

How To Use Prokure G

1.) Open the silver foil packet and remove the white pouch (DO NOT OPEN THE WHITE POUCH).

2.) Place the end of the white pouch that has the square indentations into a plastic cup filled with 1.5” of water.

3.) Place it on a stable, level surface in a central location.

4.) Allow at least 4-6 hours for the system to work.

Helpful hints

  • Use the enclosed caution placard to record treatment/safe re-entry time
  • Works best in the dark
  • Place two feet from fabrics, leathers, electronics, mirrors, and uncoated metals
  • Use air movers to increase circulation

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)

Chlorine dioxide is a neutral chlorine compound with the formula ClO2. Although similar in name to chlorine, chlorine dioxide is very different from elemental chlorine, both in its chemical structure and in its behavior. One of the most important qualities of chlorine dioxide is its high solubility in water, especially in cold water.

Chlorine dioxide does not hydrolyze (or undergo a chemical breakdown reaction) when it enters the water. Instead, chlorine dioxide remains intact as a dissolved gas in water. In comparison, chlorine dioxide is approximately 10 times more soluble in water than chlorine.

ClO2 is a very small molecule, e.g., it can penetrate into very small areas. As a gas ClO2 will completely and evenly fill any space, giving it unmatched distribution and diffusion.

ClO2 is much smaller than other particles and molecules. Because of its size, ClO2 is a stronger oxidizer and works at much lower concentrations. Because ClO2 works at much lower concentrations, it is also less corrosive.

As a true gas, ClO2 is able to contact organisms wherever they are located and penetrate into tight, hidden or difficult-to-reach areas, including microscopic cracks and crevices.

Specifications for the Prokure G

Sizes10 Grams25 Grams
Item #185-GF010C185-GF025C
Concentration1,000 cu. ft.2,250 cu. ft.
ContainerDispersion Cup

Weight (lbs)3.00
Length (in)11
Width (in)10
Height (in)9.5
UL ListedNo
Case/Pack/Pallet Amount12

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