Grodan Stonewool Grow-Chunks, 2 cu ft Bag (3 Pack)

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Light, airy and versatile. Grow-Chunks™ are about 3/4 inch square each and can be used in pots, around blocks, or alone. They are easily combined with other media, such as layering with coco fiber or clay pellets. 

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    Grodan Stonewool Grow-Chunks, 2 cu ft Bag (3 Pack)

    Grodan Grow-Chunks are our larger-size alternative to Grodan Grow-Cubes. The increased volume of Grow-Chunks means they can hold onto moisture and nutrients longer than Grow-Cubes so you don’t have to irrigate as often. Just like Grodan Grow-Cubes and Grodan Gro-Wool, Grodan Grow-Chunks can be mixed with other media and can be used with any type of irrigation system.

    Grow-Chunks are incredibly versatile and can be used in many ways:

    • Use Grow-Chunks to maximize the cultivation capacity of breathable fabric pots. A 3-gallon fabric pot filled with Grow-Chunks is cable of supporting much larger plants than other soilless mixes.
    • Increase the water holding capacity of a soil-based or soilless potting mix so plants are more able to withstand summertime heat extremes.
    • Support the propagation and early vegetative development of young plants in net baskets filled with Grodan Grow-Chunks before transplanting into an active hydroponics system (g. ebb and flow, water culture, NFT).
    • When mixed with non-restrictive media (g. expanded clay balls) a very desirable blend of root aeration and homogenous moisture content can be achieved for extremely vigorous growth and bloom.
    • Lightweight — approximately 1/10 of the weight of a bag of potting soil.

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    Height (in)22.8