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The Gard’nClean Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Fast Release is true dry gas fumigation for deeply deodorizing any space or environment
This includes hard-to-reach areas such as microscopic openings on non-sealed materials, HVAC ducting, electrical components, and much more. Due to the tiny size of the chlorine dioxide molecule, it can easily penetrate into all of these spaces to eradicate the source of VOCs (Volatile organic compounds), odors, and other compounds from deep within. Great to use in transportation, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, common areas, and dwellings.

Although Gard’nClean Fast Release can be used independently, we recommend that all surfaces be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with Gard’nClean GC Liquid before performing a Fast Release Gas Treatment.

  •     Just add water to active
  • Fast-acting 3-Dimensional gas treatment
  • Higher part per million for your deep cleaning needs
  • Minimum treatment time of four hours
  • The sachet is landfill friendly
  • Discard excess liquid down any drain
  • PPE Required
  • Complete Environmental Deodorization

Directions For Use:

  • Turn off lights and close blinds as Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is photoreactive
  • If treating individual rooms, seal off the room to prevent the gas from exiting the room.
  • If possible, use Gard’nClean GC liquid at 100ppm to spray down all surfaces in the room before using Gard’nClean Fast Release. (The evaporation of the GC Clean Liquid acts as an additional fumigant, resulting in an entourage effect.)
  • Place the Gard’nClean Fast Release in the center of the room, as high up as possible. The ClO2 gas will disperse throughout the entire room. ClO2 is heavier than air, so do not place it under tables or obstruct it. We recommend fans to help keep the ClO2 dispersed evenly throughout the space. If treating all areas on a shared HVAC system, you can place the Fast Release by the return and allow the HVAC system to disperse the gas into the environment.
  • Remove the Foil pouch from the jar, and remove the Gard’nClean Fast release sachet from the foil pouch without tearing the sachet.
  • Place Gard’nClean Fast Release sachet in the provided jar and fill with approx 175 ml of water (to the fill line)
  • Leave the room immediately and stay out of the room for a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Ventilate the room for at least one hour before returning without PPE.
  • Upon re-entry dispose remaining liquid in the container down any drain and discard the sachet into any trash receptacle.

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