Cultured Solutions Clear Line Hypochlorous Acid

Cultured Solutions Clear Line Hypochlorous Acid

Cultured Solutions Clear Line Hypochlorous Acid

Keeps Irrigation Lines & Drip Emitters Free from Mineral Build-Up

Clear Line is designed to keep drip irrigation lines and emitters clean and free of mineral deposits during cropping cycles. Implementation of Clear Line protects drip irrigation systems reducing costly repair and replacement of components. Clear Line is 5 times as concentrated as its competitors, such as UC Roots and Athena Cleanse, at only 3 times the price! You end up paying way less for more for an industry leading product! 

  • Keeps Irrigation Lines & Emitters Free from Mineral Build-Up 
  • Recommended For Use in Pressure Compensated Drip Systems 
  • Fertigation Compatible 
  • Professional Strength Hypochlorous Acid 

Directions of Use

Clear Line is most effective when used consistently for preventative maintenance. Clear Line should be injected into fertigation equipment along with standard crop nutrition inputs. Depending on proportioning equipment capabilities, Clean Line can be injected as a concentrate or as a diluted solution. Use the following ratios for the defined application. 

  • Drip Irrigation (Drain to Waste) 0.25mL - 1mL per/gal ~ 1:6,000 - 1:4,000 Ratio 
  • Water Culture (DWC, RDWC, NFT) 0.75mL - 1.5mL per/gal ~ 1:6,000 - 1:3,000 Ratio 
  • Aeroponics 0.5mL - 1mL per/gal ~ 1:8,000 - 1:4,000 
  • Ratio Irrigation Line / System Shock (No Plants) 7.5mL - 11mL per/gal ~ 1:500 - 1:250 Ratio 
  • Run through system for 2-4 hours

Weight (lbs)2.50
Length (in)2
Width (in)5.25
Height (in)7.5