CenturionPro Mini Trimmer

CenturionPro Mini Trimmer

CenturionPro Mini Trimmer

The CenturionPro Mini Trimmer Is A Powerhouse In A Small Package

Don't let its size fool you - the Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer packs a serious punch. Weighing only 65lbs and sitting at 25" x 10" x 24", this trimmer is built for medium-sized operations. It is one of the most sought-after trimming machines in the industry, and regardless of its name, can drastically speed up your harvest. Stop wasting days to weeks trimming your bud by hand. If you have a medium-sized hobby grow or small scale commercial grow, the CenturionPro Mini will get the job done fast and get you back to doing the things you enjoy.

What's Included?
  • Mini Trimming Machine
  • Standard Electropolished or Upgraded Quantanium Dual-Purpose Hybrid Tumbler
  • 1.5 HP Leaf Collector
  • Triple Bag Collection System
  • Hopper

Hybrid Quantanium Tumblers or Hybrid Electropolished Tumblers

Introducing our new Dual-Purpose Hybrid Tumbler- All machines come standard with a set of dual-purpose hybrid tumblers for trimming both wet and dry. Both Quantanium and Electropolished tumblers now come in the Hybrid Dual Purpose (wet and dry) style

The Quantanium tumbler is an upgrade to the Electropolished tumbler. This new product from CenturionPro uses a special non-stick coating that saves time and money when it comes to cleaning the machine as well as preserving the natural properties of the flower. Quantanium tumblers assist in better preservation resulting in a higher quality end-product with more natural aroma and flavors.

Both Quantanium & Electropolished tumblers are available as the new Dual-Purpose Hybrid tumbler which can be used for wet or dry trimming. The CenturionPro Mini Trimming machine comes with 1 Hybrid Dual-Purpose tumbler.

We recommend the Quantanium tumbler for all CenturionPro trimming machines. The time and money saved from the Quantanium tumbler will be noticed on the first trim.

Note: For dry trimming, the ideal moisture content for your flower is 11% but the 8% - 13% range can also be considered.

Optional Upgrade: Variable Speed Control (VSC)

Achieve enhanced versatility and trim a greater variety of products with the Variable Speed Control Upgrade. Each CenturionPro Trimmer now has the option of coming with this VSC upgrade.

Find your speed and upgrade your elite trimming system with Variable Speed Control. Variable Speed Control empowers growers to better trim a wider variety of strains, regardless of flower size, shape, or density. Increase velocity for a higher feed rate with wet or heavy resin coated buds, or slow it down to be extra gentle on the dried flower.

Key Features

  • Slower the speed, better and gentler dry trim
  • Faster speed, tighter trim for wet product
  • Strain versatility – Trim flowers of all shapes, sizes, and moisture. Adjusts machine for different cultivars
Optional Upgrade: Rail System for 2 or 3 Trimmers

Connect trimmers to boost productivity and profits

Rail Systems enable growers to connect CenturionPro trimmers end-to-end. Connecting trimmers delivers unrivaled power and precision, with growers empowered to better match throughput to grow the size and increase capacity as they expand. Through this innovation, multiple machines can be controlled by a single user, which streamlines the harvesting process for improved profitability.

When connected end-to-end using Rail Systems, the feed rate of the CenturionPro trimmers scales up exponentially.

Connecting trimmers using our Rail Systems is effective and as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply align the machines on the system’s guides, ensuring the base plates fit the rail. Once lined up, attach the trimmers with drop pin turnbuckles and tighten until secure. When unified the trimmers can be raised as one by the Rail System’s mechanical jack, which elevates your trimming system to the desired height.

  1. Align the machines on the systems guides, ensuring the base plates fit the rail.
  2. Connect the trimmers easily with a pin drop turnbuckle, tightening the system securely.
  3. Raise the rail system with the mechanical jack, adjusting the height as required.
MinisFeed Wet
Feed Dry
The CenturionPro Mini Trimming Machine - Unmatched Quality
Unprecedented Durability

CenturionPro did not skimp on build quality - the entire machine is comprised of Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel, ensuring your trimmer can withstand movement, cleaning, and consistent use - worry free.

Hardened Steel, 11 Blade Cutting Reel

The CenturionPro Mini ensures a clean cut every time. It features a Toro, hardened steel cutting reel, with 11 premium blades to give the finest cut in the industry.

Rugged, Stainless Steel Tumbler

The Mini tumbler is manufactured with rugged, 16-gauge 304 stainless steel. The high capacity tumbler (measuring 27” in length and 6.5” in diameter) allows the Mini to out produce any other medium-scale trimmer on the market.

40% greater preservation

A trimming machine can be fast, but it also needs to be gentle. The quantum tumbler prevents precious flowers from sticking to the tumbler without lubricants or sprays, preserving your potency.

The CenturionPro Mini Trimming Machine Provides The Best Performance In The Industry
Highest Cutting Power

With the highest cutting power in its class, the Mini does 25,000 cuts per minute on a 120v power source. This trimmer comes standard with a 1.5hp leaf collector that produces 2000 CFM of suction power for the tightest, cleanest cut in the industry.

High Processing Capacity

With a high processing capacity of 10 lbs/hr dry and 50 lbs/hr wet, the Mini bud trimmer can do the work of 40 hand trimmers – all without sacrificing quality.

Extra Large Hopper

The Mini trimming machine system comes standard with the largest hopper in the industry to make consistent feeding of the machine easier, allowing for increased efficiency and output.

Finely Tuned Diverter

The Mini trimmer utilizes CenturionPro’s unique diverter allowing the user to fine tune the airflow and cut to ensure the preservation of unique strains and densities.

Triple-Bag System

The Triple-Bag System cleanly separates trim during the trimming process. The inner bag collects green leafy trim while pollen is collected in the middle micron white bag, with any stray product being caught in the outer cloth bag. This ensures a clean workspace and the option for further processing and profit.

The Simplistic Design Of The CenturionPro Mini Trimming Machine
Compact Size

The lightweight, compact design of the CenturionPro Mini bud trimmer means it is small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, while still being the most powerful personal trimmer on the market.

Easy to set up/tear down

The lightweight, compact design of the Mini bud trimmer means it is small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, while still being the most powerful personal trimmer on the market.

Easy to clean

This small bud trimmer takes less than 10 minutes to clean. The entire machine, excluding the tumbler, can be quickly cleaned with a pressure washer. The tumbler is easily cleaned with warm, soapy water and a quick wipe.

Easy to Maintain

We build our machines to be extremely simple with fewer moving components. This makes the Mini trimmer easy to maintain and even fix if anything ever goes wrong.

CenturionPro offers the best warranty in the industry

CenturionPro knows the problems associated with downtime and the importance of tight timelines when it comes to the harvesting process. This is why all CP trimming machines are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Compare the CenturionPro Mini To The Competition
Specifications for the Mini
Mini Specs
Input Voltage120 Volt | 6 Amps
Dimensions30" x 13" x 28"
Weight65 lbs.
Tumbler Diameter6.25"
Tumbler Length27"
Number of Tumblers1
Human Trimmers Replaced40
ThroughputWet: up to 50 lbs/hr | Dry: up to 10 lbs/hr
Cuts Per Minute25,000
Warranty10 Year
Leaf Collector Specs

Input Voltage120 Volt | 14 Amps
Dimensions19" x 19" x 16"
Weight77 lbs. | 34.9 kg
Horsepower1.5 HP
Airflow CFM2000 CFM
Warranty3 Years
Hose2 x 4" Food-Grade Certified

Weight (lbs)256.00
Length (in)40
Width (in)48
Height (in)40
UL ListedNo
Trimmer TypeTumbler
Feed TypeContinuous Feed
Plant MaterialDry, Wet
Production CapabilityDry: 10 lbs/hr, Wet: 50 lbs/hr
Tandem UseUp to 3 machines with Rail System
Tumble Diameter6.5 Inch
Leaf Collector HP1.5 HP
VoltageTrimmer - 120 Volt; Leaf Collector - 120 Volt
AmpsTrimmer - 6 Amps; Leaf Collector - 14 Amps

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