Anden Industrial Dehumidifier

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The Anden Dehumidifier is the perfect solution for the precise management of humidity required in an indoor growing environment. It features VLGR Technology, which modulates the refrigeration system based on the load, allowing you to maximize VPD and provide greater control during late flower conditions.

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Pints/Day - Anden 710 Pints/Day 240V or 320 Pints/Day 240V or 210 Pints/Day 240V or 130 Pints/Day or 130 Pints/Day, Movable, with castor wheels or 100 Pints/Day (Replaces Model A95F) or 100 Pints/Day (Replaces Model A95) or 70 Pints/Day or 710 Pints/Day 277V or 320 Pints/Day 277V