Vegamatrix hypHa Microbial

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The ultimate decomposer of organic matter releasing over 50 different minerals available for plant uptake from the Veganic Super Soil.

hypHa was applied over the course of 5 years . The Objective was to maintain a balance in available nutrients by way of rapid decomposition of organic matter while reducing fertilizer inputs.

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Vegamatrix hypHa Microbial

hypHa Microbial's Veganic Super Soil Recipe utilizes a unique liquid Streptomyces species "hypHa". 

hypHa is the ultimate decomposer of organic matter releasing over SO different minerals available for plant uptake from the Veganic Super Soil. Using hypHa and pHyre in conjunction with Kushman’s Veganic Super Soil Recipe promises to reduce ALL nutrient inputs by 50% piquing the curiosity of even the most devout synthetic growers. 

Why inoculate with hypHa?

  • Primary decomposers in the soil. (Nutrient recycling)
  • Secretes organic acids compounds.
  • Aids in the growth of mycorrhizae.
  • Maintains microbial diversity in the soil.
  • Converts organic matter into humus.
  • Assists in the maturity of compost.
  • Capable of nitrogen fixation and phosphorus solubilization.
  • Helps builds suppressive soil.
  • The “earthy” smell of freshly turned soil is caused by actinomycetes at work.
  • Feeds on a wide range of carbon sources (complex and simple carbon).
  • The colonization of mycorrhizae (ensures the survival of mycorrhizae).
  • Increase soil aeration from the propagation of mycelia.

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