Vegamatrix Hard-N-Quick

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Hard-n-Quick contains 100% cold water North American Kelp proven to be the finest source of “cytokinins” on Earth. Cytokinins are found naturally in all complex plants, they increase the plants ability to foster root cell division, and produce quicker shoots.

So if you want thick hard stems, rigid branches, shorter intermodal spacing and faster harvests, you must make sure to use Hard-N-Quick Foliar Magic in your nutrient regime.

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Vegamatrix Hard-N-Quick

Hard-N-Quick Foliar Magic is used to stimulate cell division and growth in your plants. Hard-n-Quick is naturally derived from two types of kelp. Kelp has high levels of auxins and cytokinins. We've concentrated these growth regulators into a clear, odorless foliar spray that will improve the health and growth of your plants. 

Applying just twice weekly will help to: 

  • Increase growth rates and number of flowering sites 
  • Increase stem thickness 
  • Reduce internodal spacing/stretching 
  • Reduce transplant shock 
  • Improve overall crop quality 

Weight (lbs)2.51
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Height (in)8