Vegamatrix FTB

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Vegamatrix FTB is crafted as a superior pest management tool that is 100% VEGANIC and safe for use on all your growing plants. It kills and defends against many garden pests including mites and powdery mildew when used in a preventative maintenance plan.

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Vegamatrix FTB

Vegamatrix FTB is an organic vegan insecticide that is as effective as it is natural.

Composed of Geraniol, soybean oil, and terpenes, Vagamatrix FTB is the perfect combination to safely manage infestations in our grow.

It can be used until the day of harvest without any problem, leaving no residues or affecting the aroma of the flowers we harvest.

It is highly effective, acting on contact against many insects and diseases, including mites, Tetranychidae, and powdery mildew.

The insects are immobilized and asphyxiated by the action of this formula, eliminating any serious problems their presence can cause in our plants.

Vegamatrix FTB Dosage:
  • Initial application: 15ml per litre.
  • Secondary applications: 7.5ml per liter.
  • Treatment against powdery mildew: 3.5 ml per liter.
  • Weekly maintenance: 3.5m per liter.
Vegamatrix FTB info:

  • Organic insecticide
  • Based on geraniol, soybean oil, and terpenes
  • Can be used safely until the day of harvest
  • Effective with all types of pests, including Tetranychidae spiders and powdery mildew
  • 40% soybean oil
  • 18% sodium lauryl sulfate
  • 0.1% geranium
  • Inert ingredients: 41.9% (water, 0.5% chlorophyll A, isopropyl)

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