Ushio HiLUX GRO DE Super HPS 1000W Bulb

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USHIO introduces the NEW Double-Ended 1000W Super High Pressure Sodium Double Ended Pro-Plus lamp to its Hi-LUX GRO lamp series. The Hi-LUX GRO series is a full line of professional grade horticulture lamps that use super high output lamp technology to achieve maximum vegetative growth and maximum flower yield.

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Ushio HiLUX GRO DE Super HPS 1000W Bulb

The Ushio Pro Plus 1000w DE HPS Bulb, 2100K is one of the best lamps for flowering plants, giving them an intense output of red light to help them meet their potential in terms of harvest weight AND quality! Commercial growers have been coming back for this bulb time and time again, as it delivers upon the results it promises.

Benefits & Features Of The Ushio Pro Plus 1000w DE HPS Bulb, 2100K

The Ushio Pro Plus 1000w DE 2100K HPS Bulb, produces deep reds for robust flowering but also features bright blues for photosynthesis efficiency during veg. It features an HPS bulb features an optimized spectrum with an optimal distribution pattern for full-cycle growing, but it really impresses during flower.

However you use this bulb, you can rest assured it will provide reliable growing for multiple cycles, with an ultra-long lifespan. This bulb maintains its performance incredibly well, so you get your money's worth over its lifespan.

The bulb also features a low profile for use in compact fixtures and was engineered in an ISO 9001 certified facility, with the intention of building the best, most reliable lamp out there.

Applications Of The Ushio Pro Plus 1000w DE HPS Bulb, 2100K

  • Greenhouse Lighting
  • Hydroponics
  • Aquaponics
  • Supplemental Plant Lighting
  • Microgreen Lighting
  • CEA Agriculture
  • Plant Growth

Weight (lbs)0.5
Length (in)17.9
Width (in)2.4
Height (in)1.7
Par (μmol/s):2,100
Color Temperature (K):2,100
Operating Current:4.8A
Max. Starting Current:7.0A
Avg. Life (H):10,000
Mol (Mm):323
Burn Position:Horizontal
System Voltage:400V
Lamp Voltage:230V
Ignition Voltage:3,200V
Warm Up Time:7 Minutes
Re-ignition Time:2 Minutes
Bulb Type:T10
Diameter (Mm):30
Ballast:HPS 1000W Electronic