Ushio Dual Arc (HPS/MH) Lamp, 1000W

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Get the benefits of both an HPS lamp AND an MH lamp in one bulb! USHIO's HiLUX GRO is a new line of grow lamps that promote enhanced vegetative growth and flowering. The lamps are made to assure consistency in quality and optimized for high performance and are made in Germany by an ISO 9001-certified facility.

    This combination does not exist.

    Ushio Dual Arc (HPS/MH) Lamp, 1000W

    it is possible for convenient and energy-saving single lamp operation throughout your plant’s growth cycle. High output MH and high output HPS burner cores are enclosed in a single lamp body to achieve an enhanced full photosynthesis spectrum from a SINGLE LIGHT SOURCE!

    • Ultimate full spectrum grow lamp.
    • Super HPS and Super MH burner cores in a single body construction.
    • Covers the entire photosynthesis spectrum.
    • Achieve maximum vegetative growth and maximum flower yield!
    Weight (lbs)1.1
    Length (in)16.6
    Width (in)2.7
    Height (in)3.1
    Lumens Initial117,000
    Color Temp (K) 2800K
    Operating Current 4.7A
    Max. Starting Current 8.0A
    Ave. Life (h) 9,000
    MOL (Mm) 385385
    Burn Position Horiz ±45°
    Lamp Voltage 210-275V
    Ignition Voltage 4KV - 5KV
    Warm up Time 3 minutes
    Reignition Time 10 minutes
    Bulb Type T21