TurboKlone Klone Machine

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While other cloning machines are designed with straight lines and angles that resemble storage containers and planter boxes, the TurboKlone has sleek, rounded edges and curved walls that give it greater strength and resilience from external and internal forces.

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TurboKlone Klone Machine

TurboKlone offers the most effective and streamlined aeroponic cloning systems on the market. Through its patented design, TurboKlone cloning systems offer a wide array of planting site options while lowering the temperature of the growing environment and increasing the oxygen content of the water.


The 24 & 48 Site TurboKlone Cloning Machines are commercial-grade Cloning Systems with a patented, built-in cooling system. With 24 or 48 sites, it is everything the hobbyist or small home grower needs to propagate clones.

The TurboKlone Standard Series comes in the following options:

  • 24 Site without Humidity Dome
  • 24 Site with Humidity Dome
  • 48 Site without Humidity Dome
  • 48 Site with Humidity Dome

Even though the 48 Site System has double the site as the 28 Site System, it is not double the size. Size is a serious concern with smaller growing operations. The 48-Site system allows you to use every nook and cranny of your grow room.

To propagate an even larger number of clones, check out the TurboKlone Elite Cloning Machines

Take a sterile blade and cut a 3-6" green branch off of the mother plant

Place the cutting into a clone collar and dip it in a cloning solution

Place the clone into your water-filled cloner. Plug it in and check back in a few days.

Roots Appear in Days

After 6 days, roots will start to form on your cuttings. After 14 days, your clones with have strong, healthy, and long roots to help your transplanted cutting take to the soil just like its original mother plants

Features & Benefits
Built-In Fan / Cooling System

TurboKlone is the only aeroponic cloning system with a built-in fan to help regulate the temperature of both the water and the air inside the basin. Other cloning systems have an enclosed design that does not allow for sufficient ventilation. When you combine this design with the heat generated from the pump, you end up with hot, stagnant air and warm water that does not adequately break down oxygen.

TurboKlone’s built-in cooling fan propagates your cuttings faster than any other cloner brand by pumping fresh, cool air into the reservoir and cooling chambers around the basin. As the air is pumped into the cloning unit, it mixes with the fine droplets being propelled from the spray jets and cools the water's temperature. With cooler water temperatures, oxygen is broken down more efficiently, increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen.

Lowers The Temperature

With TurboKlone’s patented design, a fan pushes air into the reservoir and the surrounding cooling chamber. The cool air from the fan mixes with the fine droplets of water spraying up from the manifold. This lowers the temperature of the air and water, allowing oxygen to be broken down more efficiently. By maximizing the concentration of dissolved oxygen, Turboklone creates optimal conditions for roots to flourish.

Humidity Dome

Humidity is key to propagating healthy plants. If the cloning environment does not have the proper moisture content, you may experience dry clones, browning leaves, or even burning; minimizing the chance of the clones' survival. Trap in the moisture and watch your cuttings thrive with the TurboKlone Humidity Dome

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