TurboKlone Elite Stem Klone Collars (52 Pack)

SKU: EGH-068

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The Elite Stem collars are some of the best in the biz. Now in vibrant neon green and blue, make sure you have what you need to maximize the variety of your grow. 

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    TurboKlone Elite Stem Klone Collars (52 Pack)

    Now your favorite TurboKlone collars come in additional colors teal & green. Visually differentiate plant species using color coded patterns provided by these collars.
    Customized polyethylene collars are more durable and maintain shape longer than other neoprene collars. All collars are configured for easy insertion of cuttings.
     Most importantly, these collars don't choke your cuttings. 

    • Great for color coding various species and strains.
    •  Replacement collar for Elite TurboKlone units
    • •Super soft neoprene.
    • 1 Pack of 52 Collars (26 Blue and 26 Green)

    Weight (lbs)1
    Length (in)16
    Width (in)8
    Height (in)2