Trimpro Rotor: Blade & Hub

Trimpro Rotor: Blade & Hub

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    Trimpro Rotor: Blade & Hub

    The NEW Trimpro Rotor has been designed and developed at the request of customers who are looking for, yet another, gentle and efficient Trimpro quality product.

    Employing leather fingers to circulate your flowers over the non-stick grate, the leaves are trimmed by razor-sharp tempered steel blades. Built at an angle, emptying the Rotor is as simple as swinging the latch to open the door and your perfectly trimmed flowers gently exit the upper cylinder, all while the machine is still running so production is non-stop. As with all Trimpro machines, the blade height is adjustable to meet every preference.
    For trimming, separate the fresh flowers from the branches, put them into the upper container of the trimmer, and let the Rotor do the rest.

    The manufacturer does not accept any responsibility for damages caused to or by the trimmers resulting from an inadequate use or assembly. Use the trimmers in accordance with existing laws and regulations.

    Weight (lbs)1
    Height (in)6
    Width (in)6
    Length (in)30