TrolMaster Touch Spot Set


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Touch Spot Set (TSS-1) is specially designed for the WD-1 water detector in the Aqua-X Irrigation Control System.

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    TrolMaster Touch Spot Set

    The additional detector can be added to the WD-1 by using the TSS-1 / T-splitter and water detector (sensor) set. It comes with a T-splitter and an additional water detector in order to have multiple points to detect water by using a single WD-1 module. This is useful when trying to monitor for water spills or floods or to monitor water run-off at multiple locations.

    •  Seamless Connection with Water Detector
    •  Plug & Play
    Package Content
    • 1 x Touch Spot
    • 1 x T-Splitter Touch Spot

    Working Environments: Temperature 32-122°F, Humidity=90%

    Weight (lbs)0.2
    Length (in)6.14
    Width (in)3.27
    Height (in)1.18