TrolMaster Digital Day/Night Fans Speed Controller

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The BETA-2 can control variable-speed fans by using the current temperature to increase or decrease the fan speed. By increasing the fan speed, cooling is increased… decreasing fan speed will reduce cooling capacity. Using the BETA-2 in this way provides a VERY economical and efficient way of dealing with heat within an enclosed space

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    TrolMaster Digital Day/Night Fans Speed Controller

    The BETA-2 is a simple and affordable way to control your fan. Choose your desired fan speed and temperature setpoint, when the temperature is lower than the setpoint, the controller will automatically maintain that specified fan speed. When the temperature is higher than the setpoint, the controller will output 100% power to the fan. When the temperature is lower than the cut-off setpoint, the controller will shut down the fan. A built-in photocell located on the controller automatically detects the day and night status, controlling the fan in day/night mode separately. A remote temperature sensor with a 16ft long cable allows close placement to the plant canopy.

    • Built-in Photocell detecting day & night status
    • LED display, easy operation
    • Increases or decreases fan speed based on the set point.
    • The temperature control range is 41°F to 95°F
    • Sensor with 16ft long cable for close placement to the plant canopy
    • 3-year warranty
    • Mount the Controller on a wall, and place the sensor in a well-ventilated area.
    • Connect the temperature sensor to the controller.
    • Plug the Controller into an AC wall outlet.
    • Program the desired settings before connecting to your fan
    • Connect a fan to the controller. Ensure that the fan has the proper voltage (120V) and not exceeding its max amperage rating (6A).
    Weight (lbs)1.23
    Length (in)10.83
    Width (in)3.43
    Height (in)3.7
    Input Voltage120 Volts AC
    Output SwitchTriac
    Fuse Rating6A/250V~
    AC Power Cord Length5.9 feet
    Speed Control Range25-100%
    Temperature accuracy+/- 1F