Trimpro Original Rubber Hood Fastener


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Use the Trimpro Rubber Fastener with the Trimpro Original, Trimpro Automatik, Trimpro XL, and Trimpro Original Workstation.

    This combination does not exist.

    Trimpro Original Rubber Hood Fastener

    For use with:
    Trimpro Original, Trimpro Automatik, Trimpro Gasoline, Trimpro XL, and Trimpro Workstation.

    The Trimpro Original is an effective and very quiet leaf trimmer. It is used to remove excess leaves and twigs from different types of plants and flowers such as rosemary, oregano, basil, mint, lavender, coriander, and parsley, as well as in preparation for the extraction of essential oils and mixed flower clippings for potpourri.

    The Trimpro Automatik is the fastest and safest way to trim your plants. Equipped with a powerful three-phase motor mated with a variable speed dimmer, height adjustable four (4) blade assembly, and a circular hermetic structure that creates a whirlwind effect, let the Trimpro Automatik do the job for you!

    Developed to be used outdoors, The Trimpro Gasoline is equipped with a silent and reliable 4 strokes Honda motor with adjustable speed. You have the choice to use it either as a table trimmer or with the Automatik top.

    To respond to the needs of larger producers, The Trimpro Automatik XL has a capacity and productivity ratio 5 times greater than its baby brother, the Trimpro Automatik. The fluted design of the grate facilitates the plant's movement. When combined with the dimmer on the motor regulating the whirlwind velocity plus the height adjustable six (6) blade assembly, the operator is always in full and precise control of the Automatik XL and the finished product.

    The Trimpro Workstation is an effective boutique model trimmer. The Stainless Steel grate is just 1/16 of an inch thick allowing for an even closer cut. The circular hand movements and downward pressure ensure each flower is trimmed to the operator's desired level of perfection.

    The manufacturer does not accept any responsibility for damages caused to or by the trimmers resulting from inadequate use or assembly. Use the trimmers in accordance with existing laws and regulations.

    Weight (lbs)2
    Length (in)4
    Width (in)4
    Height (in)4