Titan Controls Atlas CO2 Controller

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The Titan Control Atlas Series is a collection of CO2 controllers and products to help you gain control over the amount of CO2 in your grow rooms...

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Titan Controls Atlas CO2 Controller

The Titan Controls Atlas 1 CO2 Controller with Remote Sensor is one of the best ways to provide the perfect amount of carbon dioxide to your indoor plants. It comes with a 25-foot remote sensor and can be adjustable to multiple set points and elevation levels. With more features like a built-in self-calibration function, integrated photocell, and much more, this is one of the best monitor and controller combos on the market.

Increase Yields With The Titan Controls Atlas 1 CO2 Controller with Remote Sensor

When you grow outdoors, your plants have access to all the fresh air they could ever need. But when you grow indoors, you will struggle to keep CO2 PPMs where they need to be for ideal plant growth. If you have powerful enough grow lights, your plants will experience a huge explosion in growth rates and harvest weight when you supplement with CO2.

But, you need a means of controlling the flow rate of your CO2 - and this Titan Controls Atlas 1 CO2 Controller with Remote Sensor is one of the best ways. It's super simple to use and set up and comes with a ton of features to make your life easier. The integrated photocell function will only activate CO2 devices during lights are on, which is when your plants can actually use CO2.

It only sucks 15 amps on the 120-volt outlet and operates at 60 Hz. If needed, you can purchase a replacement probe separately. The included sensor comes factory calibrated for precise and accurate CO2 readings and is engineered to prevent RFI from electronic ballasts.

To program the Titan Controls Atlas 1 CO2 Controller with Remote Sensor, you'll use the increase and decrease buttons located on the front to set your PPM output. There is a green LED indicator between the two buttons that will illuminate when the CO2 device is "active". We recommend setting the PPMs between 1,000-1,500 PPM's for explosive plant growth and remaining safe.

How The Titan Controls Atlas 1 CO2 Controller Works:

Titan Controls Atlas 1 CO2 Controller
  • Sampling Method = Infrared Diffusion
  • Measurement Range = 300 PPM to 5100 PPM
  • Control Range = 0 PPM to 2050 PPM
  • Accuracy: +/- 5% (total reading)
  • Response Time: Approximately 45 seconds
  • Fixed Hysteresis/Deadband = 50 PPM (centered)
  • Signal Update: Displayed CO2 PPM reading updates once every 3 seconds
  • Warm-up Time: Approximately 30 minutes
  • Recommended Calibration Interval = Every 3 years
  • Stability: Typical Deviation ±75 PPM a year
  • Operating Temperature = 32° F (0°C) to 120° F (50°C)
  • Input Voltage = 120VAC, 60 Hz.
  • Output Voltage = 120VAC, 60 Hz.
  • Maximum Operating Amperage: 15 Amps
  • RoHS Compliant = Yes

Caution: Sulphur vaporization can damage your controller! To protect your controller, it is important to disconnect and cover the Atlas 2 by wrapping it with a plastic bag OR remove the controller from the grow area while using sulfur vaporizers in your grow room.

Weight (lbs)4.05
Length (in)12.1
Width (in)8.8
Height (in)4.6
Shipping RestrictionsAK, HI
UL ListedNo
CO2 Sensor TypeRemote CO2 Sensor
Number of ZonesSingle Zone
Has PhotocellYes
Power Cord Length25'
Voltage120 Volts