ThinkGrow Smart Lifter Remote


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The ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter System solves the age-old problem of how to easily raise and lower your supplemental light fixtures. The system is ETL listed and is designed to lift and lower LEDs with the press of a button or by setting a schedule in advance using a TrolMaster HCS controller. 

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    ThinkGrow Smart Lifter Remote


    A traditional pulley lifting system requires complex heavy-duty construction and high installation costs, and it is very difficult to modify or expand. Those older lifting systems also lack the flexibility to fit your ever-changing growing operation or to be integrated with intelligent controls like the TrolMaster HCS controller. The ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter System eliminates all these concerns and makes proper light height control easier than ever for operations of all scales.

    The LRC-1 Smart Lifter Remote is designed to be used with the LLT-1 Smart Light Lifters. Its plug & play feature enables users to easily install and operate the light lifter(s) from a distance, and program the maximum and minimum range limits of LLT-1 light lifters. Simple Up and Down manual operation is accomplished using two push buttons on the LRC-1. The LRC-1 Lifter Remote can also be connected with the TrolMaster Hydro-X Pro controller for advanced features such as lifter-group control and more. When the LRC-1 is paired with the Hydro-X Pro, users can conveniently and smoothly control each individual lifter group or all groups together on one main controller. Each LRC-1 controls a group of lifters. Users can program the height range setting in each group and precisely raise and lower the multiple fixtures in each lifter group with the press of a button.