ThinkGrow Smart Junction Box, 100-277V


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Ensure the existing electrical system can support the voltage and current requirements.

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    ThinkGrow Smart Junction Box, 100-277V

    Think One Step Ahead Smart Junction Box (OPA-1)
    For added safety and convenience, ThinkGrow has also developed a Smart Junction Box (OPA-1) to incorporate with our daisy-chain power cord system.
    It has an electronic circuit breaker connected with each "string" of LEDs to monitor and protect the circuit from power overload.
    It also offers real-time monitoring and data logging for energy consumption. ThinkGrow Smart Junction Box (OPA-1) 

    • Overcurrent protection 
    • Power Surge Protection 
    • Power Consumption Data Collection 
    • On-site monitoring 
    • Wireless Power-data Logging (with Hydro-X Pro)
    Weight (lbs)2.07
    Length (in)10.83
    Width (in)5.24
    Height (in)3.35