ThinkGrow 350W LED Grow Light Model-V

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The Model-V is designed specifically for high PPFD cultivation practices in vertical farming.  

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    ThinkGrow 350W LED Grow Light Model-V


    Model-V is naturally compatible with Hydro-X controllers from TrolMaster. The LMA-T lighting adaptor allows separate control for Full Spectrum and Far Red channels on the Model-V. This allows adding the Far Red light to the full spectrum to stretch plants at a vegetative stage or applying a 10-15 mins exposure under Far Red after light off to help finish the flowering cycle faster. One LMA-T adaptor can control up to 256 fixtures on the same daisy chain channel. Multiple adaptors can be applied in the same control system.
    A unique Group Control feature can be achieved while connected to the HCS-2 controller. All lights in the same line can be grouped into up to 10 groups to be controlled individually.


    Covers each critical phase of growth from vegetative to flowering. Delivering far-red light to the crop at certain times allows growers to manipulate plant responses, flower faster, and boost yield.

    Full SpectrumFar Red

    Package Contents
    • 1x Model-V Driver
    • 4x Model-V Light Bars
    • 1x 12' 240V Power Cord
    • 1x 16' 4Pins Waterproof Extension Cable
    • 2x Model-V Driver Hanger
    Weight (lbs)23.62
    Length (in)45
    Width (in)44.6
    Height (in)4.44
    PPF>900 µmol/s
    Efficacy>2.6 µmol/J
    Input PowerMax 350W (Full Spectrum) / 10W (Far Red)
    Power Factor≥ 90%
    Mounting Height> 6" (15.2cm) Above Canopy
    LifetimeL90 : >54,000 hrs
    Warranty5 Years Standard Warranty
    Input VoltageAutosensing 100-277 V
    Amp Draw120V/3.05A, 240V/1.55A, 277V/1.39A
    Group Controlyes