ThinkGrow Model-H

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The Model-H is designed specifically for High PPFD cultivation practices in vertical farming, featuring adjustable spectrums to best fit your plants needs.

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ThinkGrow Model-H

The Full spectrum design covers each critical phase of growth from vegetative to flowering. The spectral tuning capability allows growers to experiment with spectrum recipes. 

Adjustable Spectrum

The spectrum tuning feature allows growers to experiment with spectrum recipes for different crops and different stages. It can be achieved by the on-board dimming knob or controllers.

VEG (Full Spectrum 100%, Deep Red 660 0%)BLOOM (Full Spectrum 90%, Deep Red 660 100%)

External Controllability 

Model-H is naturally compatible with Hydro-X controllers from TrolMaster. The LMA-T lighting adaptor allows separate control for Full Spectrum and Deep Red output levels on the Model-H. Growers can control the lights with spectrum tuning feature from the controller, even on their smartphone. One LMA-T adaptor can control up to 256 fixtures on the same daisy chain channel. Multiple adaptors can be applied in the same control system. A unique Group Control feature can be achieved while connected to HCS-2 controller. All lights in the same line can be grouped up to 10 groups to be controlled individually. 

Package Contents

  • 1x Model-H Plus Driver
  • 8x Model-H Plus 5' wide LED Light Bars
  • 1x 12' 240V Power Cord
  • 1x 16' 4pins Waterproof Extension Cable
  • 2x Model-H Plus Driver Hanger

Weight (lbs)47.4
Length (in)46.22
Width (in)15.16
Height (in)6.3
PPF >1700 μmol/s
Efficacy >2.7 μmol/J
Input Power 630 Watts
Power Factor ≥ 90%
Mounting Height > 6″ (15.2cm)
Above Canopy Lifetime L90 > 54,000 hours
Input Voltage 100-277v
Warranty 5 years standard warranty
Amp Draw 5.24 @ 120 Volt, 2.67 @ 240 Volt, 2.35 @ 277 Volt
IP Rating IP56
BTU 2149.65 btu/h