ThinkGrow Extension Power Cord 3'


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ThinkGrow LEDs are among the best in the industry and now we are making them even better by introducing a new Daisy Chain Power Cord System. Designed to interconnect the LED drivers, the system can eliminate a massive amount of power outlets, and reduce the number of power cables required.

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ThinkGrow Extension Power Cord 3'


At ThinkGrow, we promise to provide both Convenience and Safety. The ThinkGrow Daisy Chain Power Cord System is IP67 rated and  ETL-certified daisy chain system.

 Its easy push-lock design offers effortless and secure installation to link multiple fixtures to a single power source. Growers can easily manage and install their LEDs in the simplest installation by eliminating the power cables normally required.

 Our system is everything you need to maintain functionality and a professional environment. We assure functionality and reliability resulting in high-yield production.

Infrastructure Cost minimizing using ThinkGrow Daisy Chain Cords, you can greatly reduce the number of power circuits, as well as the number of power outlets needed to connect large quantities of lights.
Since up to 18 LED fixtures can be connected to a single power circuit using the daisy chain power cord, your infrastructure and labor cost could be greatly minimized. 

The Plug-and-Play design provides an easy and proper connection between the LEDs and the power source. Using the Daisy Chain Power Cord System results in large time and cost savings.

Weight (lbs)1.36
Length (in)10.24
Width (in)7.87
Height (in)2.68