Quest Air Filter for Quest Dual Overhead Dehumidifiers 105, 155, 205

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Controlling humidity in compact, unconditioned commercial spaces presents unique challenges. Variable temperatures and constrained placement means you need a targeted solution.

  • 2 Pack, Quest Air Filter 16 in x 20 in x 2 in for PowerDry 4000 & Dual Overhead Model 105, 155, 205!
  • This should be checked every six months. The pleated fabric filter can generally be vacuumed clean several times before needing replacement. Weighs 3/4 of an LB
  • Replacement MERV 11 filter for the Quest PowerDry 4000 Portable Dehumidifier and the Dual 105, 155, and 205 Overhead Dehumidifiers
  • Captures particles (including mold spores) down to 1 micron in size
  • Operating the dehumidifier unit with a dirty filter will reduce dehumidifier capacity and efficiency and may cause the compressor to cycle on and off unnecessarily


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