Pocket Digital Scale

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Small enough to fit in your pocket, this digital scale gives precise measurements in grams, ounces, grains, pennyweights, troy ounces, and carats.

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    Pocket Digital Scale

    This professional, compact, and accurate mini digital scale. It features a sleek and compact design, making it a true gem of microelectronics and precision engineering, capable of displaying a weight of 0.1 grams and 500 grams, with a resolution of one-tenth of a gram. A built-in timer automatically turns off the device after 30 seconds of inactivity, so you or the battery life of the tank.

    • 500 Gram capacity with 0.01g resolution. Powered by 2pcs AAA battery (not included)

    • Auto-off: 30s off. Calibration: Auto calibration

    • Units of measure include: g, oz, dwt, ozt, ct, gn, tl.

    1. Place the scale on a horizontal flat surface, Press the" ON/OFF" key to turn on the scale.
    2. Wait until "0.00" is displayed.
    3. Put the object(s) on the weighing platform.
    4. Using the "UNITS" key, you can switch between the weighing units.
    5. Using the "LIGHT" key, you can turn on or off the backlight.

    Length (in)5.74
    Width (in)3.54
    Height (in)1.1