Netafim 1.5" Super Manual Disc Filter 140 Mesh (10 - 52 GPM)

SKU: 25A17-140

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• Innovative filter design, micron-precise filtration of solids
• Operation is easy and requires no special tools
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Long life span
• Polyamide housing - resistant to harsh environmental conditions
• Suitable for Sea and Backwash water, High Low pH 2 -13

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    Netafim 1.5" Super Manual Disc Filter 140 Mesh (10 - 52 GPM)

    Disc Filter technology has grooves in the disc rings that crisscross to form a network that traps debris between and on the outside of the discs. As dirty water is pumped into the filter and pressure increases, the water compresses the disc rings together tightly. 

    The water is then forced to flow through the grooves of the disc rings, where debris is trapped; releasing only clean water to the irrigation system. The Netafim Disc Filters offer a wide selection of flow ranges; 3/4 in filter operates at 1 - 12 GPM; 1 in filter operates at 5 - 26 GPM, and 1.5 in super filter operates at 10 - 52 GPM.

    1. Filter can be installed either vertically or horizontally.
    2. Use Teflon tape on filter threads - Do Not Use Pipe Dope.
    3. Ensure correct inlet/outlet direction.
    4. When connecting the filter to the pipe, do not over-tighten.
    5. Never use spanners for tightening the filter cover.

    Weight (lbs)4
    Length (in)12
    Width (in)7
    Height (in)7
    UL ListedNo
    Irrigation Part TypeExternal Filters
    Hardware Diameter1 1/2 Inch
    Mesh140 Mesh