Nanolux Summit Series CMH1000 (No Lamp)

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The Nanolux Summit series modular lighting system allows growers to invest in lighting systems that can be utilized in many different applications.

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Nanolux Summit Series CMH1000 (No Lamp)

The Nanolux Summit Series Modular Lighting System allows growers to invest in lighting systems that can be utilized in many different applications.

Built with a modular design, the Summit Series can bring any configuration of grow light you may need. With 5 different styled reflectors and almost every lamp option you could need, there is almost nothing you can't configure with the Summit Series Grow Light.

The Summit series modular system also allows different lamp arm configurations and a variety of reflectors for different growing styles. Nanolux has also developed a new operational warranty chip which allows faster processing times on warranties and replacements. The Summit series ballast also operates between 208 – 277 volts allowing for the ballast to be any commercial voltage application.

  • Exclusive ceramic industrial grade receptacle
  • Strikes and is compatible with any industry DE MH, CMH, or HPS lamp
  • Designed for 5’ on center commercial overlap light grid
  • Soft/Random start plug and play technology
  • Lowest profile DE fixture on the market
The NanoLux Summit Digital Ballast

The backbone of the Summit system is the Summit ballast. The Summit ballast is the first ballast that operates a range of lamp styles and wattages with the correct lamp voltage, operation frequency, and strike voltage. The ballast will correctly operate all HPS, MH, and CMH lamp configurations between 600 Watts and 1000 Watts. This includes both single ended and double ended lamp styles.

Simply select the correct lamp style and wattage and the ballast will now properly operate that way within the proper operational parameters. Onboard dimming with access to external light controllers gives you all the control you need.

Double & Single Ended CMH

Ceramic metal halide (CMH) grow lights are a relatively new type of HID lighting and outperform traditional MH and HPS grow lights. The composition of these lights result in a far more efficient operation, a fuller spectrum of light, and lower heat output. These lights are generally more expensive but pay for themselves in energy cost savings. Many growers are upgrading their standard HID system with a new CMH system for these reasons.

The DE CMH 1000 Watt lamps come in both 3K & 4K spectrum. CMH lamps produce a much broader spectrum of light. This broad spectrum allows the plant to absorb more usable light, giving the plant a more natural morphology usually only found in Sun grown plants.

NanoLux has the Optimized CMH reflector for both double ended CMH lamps as well as dual single ended CMH lamps.

Weight (lbs)15.25
Length (in)19
Width (in)23
Height (in)6