Key Grow Solutions Green Dragon


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  • Potassium acetate and sulfur.
  • Increases resinous oil production.
  • Increase carbohydrate reserves.
  • Combine with any feeding program to increase the acceptable pH range.
  • Highly concentrated.

  • Volume

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Key Grow Solutions Green Dragon

Green Dragon is a proprietary potassium acetate solution combined with sulfur. This makes Green Dragon perfectly suited to increase resinous oil (cannabinoid and terpene) production and carbohydrate reserves within the plant. Use this highly concentrated formula as an inert flowering base, or amend your feeding schedule to increase Acetyl CoA levels and improve potassium performance.

Green Dragon Nutrition

  • 18% Potash
  • 5% Sulfur

    Use in accordance with recommendations of a qualified individual or institution, such as but not limited to, a certified crop advisor, agronomist, or university publication, or apply according to recommendations in your approved nutrient management plan.  
  • Key Grow Solutions products are being sold in the following container sizes:

  • 32 oz, 1 gal, 2.5 gallons, 30 gallons, and 275 gallons.

Directions for using Green Dragon

Use 1 mL–1.5 mL per L during the vegetative and bloom phases.

Shake well before using. 

  • Keep out of the reach of children.

Store in the original container in a clean, dry area and avoid temperature extremes.

Weight (lbs)2.65
Length (in)13.25
Width (in)4.125
Height (in)6.25
OMRI CertifiedNo
Nutrient Material TypeLiquid