Ion 1000W DE Fixture Closed Style (No Bulb)

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 This complete fixture includes a built-in 110v/240v or 208-277V 1000W adjustable high-frequency ballast for running double-ended lamps

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Ion 1000W DE Fixture Closed Style (No Bulb)

The Ion Double-Ended 1000-Watt Grow Light is a professional grade Double Ended (DE) fixture, paired with a 1000W high-frequency dimmable digital ballast meant specifically to drive double-ended lamps. The fixtures are controller ready and capable of being remotely controlled by a  Controller. This fixture integrates highly reflective German Alanod aluminum with a reflector engineered to deliver high efficiency allowing growers to significantly reduce the number of fixtures needed for growing success. The system includes Reflector, Ballast, and Ropes grow light system.

Weight (lbs)15.43
Length (in)26.57
Width (in)12.68
Height (in)7.68
Bulb600W-750W-1000W DE lamps (MH/HPS)
Input power1200W
Input voltage range85-264V
Input voltage120-240V
Input current10.0A
Input frequency50/60Hz
Maximum output power1150W
Output frequency>100KHZ
Leakage current2.35mA
CF lamp<1.6
Power factor> 0.98
Open circuit voltage250Vrms
Operating frequency100KHZ-160KHZ
Ignition voltage3.5KV-4KV
Ignition interval1-2-5-5-5 Min
Ignition time30MS
Inrush current30A
Input current protection15A
Isolation resistance5MΩ
Isolation voltage3.5KV
Bulb failure detectionyes
Lamp powerconstant
Flickering of the lamp / acoustic resonanceno
RF interferenceno
Max temperature of the box(Tc) 80 ° C
Ambient temperature-25 to 40 ° C
Operating humidity20%-95%
IP environment requiredIP2