Ion CMH 630W Fixture (No Bulb) 110-277V

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The CMH 630W dual lamp fixtures allow for any combination of 315W CMH lamp K temperatures. 

    This combination does not exist.

    Ion CMH 630W Fixture (No Bulb) 110-277V

    The CMH 630W dual lamp fixtures allow for any combination of 315W CMH lamp K temperatures.

    • Capacity: Capable of firing one or both bulbs simultaneously. Free heavy-duty power cord included

    • Low heat: This CMH fixtures run significantly cooler compared to conventional lighting setups and do not need to be cooled with ducting and fan, they can simply be air cooled

    • High quality ballast: High-tech electronic ballast 120-240V with advanced low frequency, designed specifically for CMH 315W grow light, high efficiency, reliability, and no electromagnetic interference

    • Ultra-high reflectivity rating: Lightweight and high energy-efficient, German made aluminum reflector, 98% efficiency

    • Larger coverage: This double lamp fixture hood is perfect in large grow environments. Recommends use of this unit to cover an area of approximately 3*3 feet during vegetative growth and approx. 6 square feet during the bloom phase

    Weight (lbs)14.33
    Length (in)25.83
    Width (in)16.18
    Height (in)6.46
    Bulb315W CMH
    Bulb315W CMH*2
    Input power680W
    Input voltage range85-305V
    Input voltage120-277V
    Input current5.5A
    Input frequency50/60Hz
    Maximum output power630W
    Output frequency140Hz
    Leakage current1.8mA
    CF Lamp<1.6
    Power factor> 0.98
    Open circuit voltage250Vrms
    Operating frequency140Hz
    Ignition voltage3.5KV-4KV
    Ignition Interval1-2-5-5-5 Min
    Ignition time30MS
    Inrush current30A
    Input current protection10A
    Isolation resistance5MΩ
    Isolation voltage3.5KV
    Bulb failure detectionyes
    Lamp powerconstant
    Flickering of the lamp / acoustic resonanceno
    RF interferenceno
    Max temperature of the box(Tc) 80 ° C
    Ambient temperature-25 to 40 ° C
    Operating humidity20%-95%
    IP environment requiredIP23