HI GroLine General Purpose Cleaning Solution Sachets 20 mL (25 Pack)

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Specially formulated for storing GroLine electrodes. Single-use sachets for convenience. Perfect for use with GroLine testers and portable meters!

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    HI GroLine General Purpose Cleaning Solution Sachets 20 mL (25 Pack)

    HI70061G is a GroLine general purpose cleaning solution that can be used for several applications. Electrodes become dirty with use and generate inaccurate results even as they read correctly in a pH buffer. Cleaning is a fast and effective routine that should be performed on a regular basis as a preventative measure against using a dirty electrode and to ensure that the junction is not clogged. Hanna’s cleaning solutions eliminate impurities and residues left on electrode surfaces from sample measurement or incorrect storage.

    • Specially formulated for cleaning electrodes
    • Packaged with 25 single-use sachets
    • Expiration date and lot number
    • Light block foil packaging helps to prevent degradation by UV light
    • One-time use sachet packets ensure the quality and freshness of the solution
    • Each sachet is marked with lot number and expiration date of 5 years from manufacture for an unopened sachet


    The most common cause for pH measurement inaccuracies is an unclean or improperly cleaned electrode. During calibration, the instrument assumes that the electrode is clean and that the standardization curve created during the calibration process will remain a valid reference until the next calibration. The calibration process compensates for the change in offset voltage. If the mV offset continues to deviate and the meter is calibrated with a dirty electrode then inaccurate readings will result.  Immersing the electrode in the HI70061G cleaning solution for 15 to 20 minutes will dissolve any mineral deposits or other coatings.

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