HI GroLine pH Dosing System

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The HI981412 Groline pH Dosing System easily assimilates into a nutrient/fertilizer system for soil and hydroponics. Maintaining the correct pH of plant soil or hydroponic nutrient solution is an ongoing task.

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HI GroLine pH Dosing System

HI-981412-00 GroLine pH dosing system with HI-10063 pH probe

Maintaining the correct pH of plant soil or hydroponic nutrient solution is an ongoing task. Macro and micronutrients, as well as calcium and magnesium bloom boosters, require the correct pH for absorption into the plants' root system.

The HI-981412 Groline pH Dosing System easily assimilates into a nutrient/fertilizer system for soil and hydroponics.

It precisely monitors the pH using the HI-10063 pH/temperature probe and simultaneously controls the addition of acid or base (Up and Down reagents) using On/Off or proportional control to fine-tune and maintain the optimum pH.

Growers can define the ideal set point for pH. The HI-981412 is a small dosing controller and can be easily set up for a stand-alone nutrient reservoir or be part of a modular control scheme with the HI-981413 Groline Nutrient Dosing controller.

To obtain a representative sample pH, the probe should be located at a spot that experiences good circulation. The probe can be used in a “sample pot” or reservoir or installed in a flow cell or re-circulation line. Perfect for drain-to-waste or recirculating systems.

Each instrument is delivered in a cardboard box and supplied with:
  • HI-981412-00 without mounting kit
  • HI-10063 pH/temperature probe
  • 4.01 pH Buffer solution, 20 mL (3)
  • 7.01 pH Buffer solution, 20 mL (3)
  • Power connection cable
  • Instrument & electrode quality certificates
  • Instruction manual
Main Benefits
  • Reduced installation time and costs
  • Accessible and easy to maintain pH in a nutrient-feeding system
  • The HI-981412 Groline pH Dosing System is engineered to be an inexpensive solution for the horticulturist to have real-time monitoring and control of nutrient solutions to obtain and maintain the ideal pH for optimum results at all times.
Main Features
  • Built-in peristaltic pump with On/Off or Proportional control
  • Manual control for pump priming
  • Overfeed protection using an overtime safety timer
  • Resumes dosing on restart in case of power failure
  • Easy-to-read LCD display with intuitive, color-coded backlight
  • Level input to stop control without reagents
  • Probe detection and recognition
  • Easy to navigate the menu to program and adjust settings
  • Wall-mounted design
  • IP65-rated casing
About the HI-10063 Amplified pH/Temperature Probe

The HI-981412 uses the HI-10063 amplified probe that incorporates both pH and temperature sensors and connects to the controller with a single waterproof Quick Connect DIN connector.

The built-in amplifier helps to reduce electrical noise from re-circulation pumps to provide for stable, reliable measurement. The pH glass used is ideal for low conductivity water and provides for fast response.

The PVDF body of the probe has a 1/2” threaded fitting for insertion to an in-line “T” fitting or the flow cell. The back end part of the probe has 3/4” NPT threads for submersion/ tank mounting. The probe body has a hex fitting for tightening snuggly with a wrench.

Weight (lbs)2.25
Length (in)3.5
Width (in)5.6
Height (in)1.8
Range0.00 to 14.00 pH*, -5.0 to 105.0 °C (23.0 to 221.0 °F). * The range may be limited by the probe’s limits.
Resolution0.01 pH; 0.1 °C (0.1 ºF)
Accuracy @ 25 °C / 77 °F±0.10 pH; ±0.5 ºC (±0.9 ºF)
CalibrationUser calibration: automatic, one or two-point with buffer solution (4.01, 7.01, 10.01 pH). Process calibration: single point, adjustable (±0.50 pH around measured pH)
Temperature CompensationAutomatic - On/Off control using adjustable set point (4.00 - 10.00 pH) with adjustable hysteresis (0.10 to 1.00 pH). - Proportional control using an adjustable set point (4.00 - 10.00 pH) with an adjustable proportional band (0.10 to 2.00 pH)
High or Low Mode Operation Pump ControlStartup delay timer at power-on (0 to 600 sec.) - Pump flow control 0.5 to 3.5 Litre/hour (0.13 to 0.92 Gallon/hour) and maximum output pressure 1 atm (14 psi) - Manual control for pump priming (defined in setup). - High & Low with enabling or disable option - Triggered after 5 sec. if the controller records a set of consecutive readings over or under threshold values
pH AlarmsLevel with enabling or disable option - Overtime protection (1 to 180 min. or Off). -Intuitive alarm system, using red, yellow, and green color-coded backlight
Controller Alarm SystemUser-selectable, alarm setup options - SPDT 2.5A / 230 Vac
Alarm Relay OutputActivated by pH-selectable alarm conditions. - Quick connect DIN connector
Probe InputGalvanic isolation - External switches can be attached to hold the control due to external events (low reagent level, recirculation pump doesn’t work)
Digital InputGalvanic isolation
Power Supply100 - 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption15 VA
Environment0-50 ºC (32-122 ºF), max. 95% RH non-condensing
Dimensions90 x 142 x 80 mm (3.5 x 5.6 x 1.8”)
Weight908 g (36 oz)
CasingWall mounted, built-in pump, IP65 rated
HI-10063 pH & temperature probe
Range0 to 12 pH
ReferenceDouble junction
Temperature sensorYes
Temperature range-5 to 70˚C (23 to 158 °F)
Matching pinYes
BodyPVDF (white)
Top thread3/4” NPT
In-line mounting thread1/2” NPT
Cable length2 m
ConnectorQuick connect DIN connector
Maximum pressure @25 °C3 bar (43.5 psi)
Input power1200W
Input voltage range85-264V
Input voltage120-240V
Input current10.0A
Input frequency50/60Hz
Maximum output power1150W
Output frequency>100KHZ
Leakage current2.35mA
CF lamp<1.6
Power factor> 0.98
Open circuit voltage250Vrms
Operating frequency100KHZ-160KHZ
Ignition voltage3.5KV-4KV
Ignition interval1-2-5-5-5 Min
Ignition time30MS
Inrush current30A
Input current protection15A
Isolation resistance5MΩ
Isolation voltage3.5KV
Bulb failure detectionyes
Lamp powerconstant
Flickering of the lamp / acoustic resonanceno
RF interferenceno
Max temperature of the box(Tc) 80 ° C
Ambient temperature-25 to 40 ° C
Operating humidity20%-95%
IP environment requiredIP23