FloraFlex PotPro 6" Cube (45 per Pack)

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The FloraFlex® PotPro™ Pot was strategically designed to allow air flow through the top and bottom of the medium as well as excellent drainage. 

It securely holds the 6 in FloraCap® allowing anyone to easily transition to the new PotPro™ System.  The pot’s built-in stakes and webbed bottom provide a seamless transplant to an alternate medium. 

Place your 6 in PotPro™ Cube into the pot, hydrate with water, plant your plant, top it with a 6 in FloraCap® and you are ready to hand feed. 

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    FloraFlex PotPro 6" Cube (45 per Pack)

    The FloraFlex PotPro Cube is a hydrated coco cube featuring the consistency you can trust from Char Coir. This ready-to-use medium saves you space as well as labor time. Take the guesswork out of feeding with this premium product brought to you by industry leaders.

    How it works

    Place your 6-inch PotPro Cube into the Pot*, hydrate with water, plant your plant, top it with a 6-inch FloraCap* and you are ready to hand feed. Advance to automation by attaching (2) FloraClips* to your FloraCap and use FloraTubing* to connect your plant to your Quick Disconnect Pipe System Bubbler. Now let your PotPro System take care of your plants.

    *Add Pot, FloraCap, Tubing, and other accessories using the menus at the top of this page.

    Weight (lbs)30.6
    Length (in)13.1
    Width (in)13.9
    Height (in)21.5
    UL ListedNo
    Prop 65No
    Seedling Tray PartsPlugs & Root Cubes
    Starter Plug Size4.7" x 4.7"
    Starter Plug ShapeSquare