EcoPlus Commercial Air Pump (Single Outlet)

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Widely used to provide oxygen in aquariums, fish farms, and hydroponic systems. Includes chrome air manifold, ranging from six to twelve outlets.

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EcoPlus Commercial Air Pump (Single Outlet)

Widely used to provide oxygen in aquariums, fish farms and hydroponic systems. Includes chrome air manifold, ranging from six to twelve outlets.

Cylinders and pistons are made of premium materials, making the pump strong and durable. Convenient to operate without oil or much noise. All pumps now includes two different fittings.

  • Air 1 (728450) and Air 3 (728455) come with 1/4 in and 3/8 in fittings and 6 outlet chrome air manifolds.
  • Air 5 (728457) comes with 1/2 in, 3/8 in fittings and 8 outlet chrome air manifold.
  • Air 7 (728459) comes with 1/2 in, 3/8 in fittings and 12 outlet chrome air manifolds.

How it Works

When the electromagnetic coils are energized by the AC power, a magnetic force is generated. Under the action of this magnetic force and the pressure spring, the piston moves reciprocally so that the volume of the cylinder changes. This leads to the automatic opening and shutting of the inlet and outlet valves and thus achieves the work cycle of the air intake, compressing, and discharging.

  • The case is made of high-quality ZL 102 aluminum alloy with radiation fins, for which heat dissipation is more effective.
  • Driven by an electromagnetic motor, adopts straight-line reciprocal motion to produce air and is more reasonable in structure.
  • Adopts SF new-type wear-resistant material for the cylinder and piston, which is of lower consumption.
  • Oil-free lubricated design, the compressed air is purified.
  • Constant temperature and pressure operation to ensure reliable performance.
  • 1 Year warranty

Weight (lbs)2.70
Length (in)6.8
Width (in)5.9
Height (in)5.7