Aguair ClensAir Commercial Air Purifier

COMM-CLENSAIR | Aguair ClensAir Commercial Air Purifier

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    Aguair ClensAir Commercial Air Purifier

    ClensAir is a 6-Stage Air Sanitation System for all applications Indoor greenhouse air quality can have a significant impact on plant growth and final product yield. Humidity generated by the plant creates a perfect breeding environment for various airborne pathogens and fungal diseases like powdery mildew, downy mildew, and gray mold/botrytis. These microbes can quickly spread throughout the greenhouse, putting your crops at constant risk. Investing in air sanitation technology is the best way to prevent an outbreak. 

    ClensAir is a next Generation Air Purification technology that utilizes the latest UV based photocatalytic disinfecting process combined with advanced media filtration to produce 99.98% pure air. It uses a 6-layer purification process to ensure all microorganisms, VOCs, airborne mold, and pathogens are eliminated. 

    Importance of sanitizing indoor air? Microorganisms, VOCs, molds, and other pathogens, invisible to the naked eye, jump from host to host through the surrounding air.  They attach themselves to airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, and smoke causing them to settle on surfaces and on top of other organisms. Over time these pathogens can destroy or weaken the host. ClensAir neutralizes these threats by eliminating them from the source in the air and on surfaces. 

    ClensAir has been tested in-vitro by two independent, internationally acclaimed research laboratories to remove 99.90% of a viral simulant for COVID-19, Influenza, SARS, and MERS, 99.97% of MRSA and hospital acquired bacteria, and 99.51% of Anthrax causing bacteria. Features & Benefits of ClensAir Destroys more than 99.98% of mold and pathogens from the air and removes ethylene gas and odors. Able to process 10,000 cubic feet per hour – the highest flow rate in the industry. 

    Filter quality gauge UV replacement alert Observation port to see UV operation Hour meter 

    Simple to install  – Plug-and-play design 110v 60Hz/ 220v 50Hz 2amps Removable top panel for maintenance ease ClensAir Parts Diagram How ClensAir Works 

    The in-house Aguair team engineers the ClensAir system to ensure that your facility will achieve air sanitization of the highest standard. Air is drawn into the ClensAir system through the particulate filters that catch any large dust particulates. Next, the air is pushed through an antimicrobial filter, which consists of a proprietary blend of microfibers that weaken the microorganisms that pass through by damaging their cell wall. 

    The air is then forced into the photocatalytic chamber that uses UV and TiO2 (technology used by NASA) to eliminate the weakened microorganisms. This chamber can be outfitted with additional options to remove ethylene. 

    The purified air moves towards the exit through dual odor filters that reduce odor-causing VOCs. As the air exits ClensAir, as an added option, it can be outfitted with a minute amount of surface disinfectant. As the purified air moves through an environment it can help halt further surface contamination.

    Advantages of using ClensAir Effective 

    • Destroys more than 99.98% of mold and pathogens from the air. 
    • Removes ethylene gas and odors. Environmentally Safe 
    •  Safe alternative to harmful sanitizing agents. 
    • No ozone or toxic by-products were released. 
    • Fast 
    • The highest flow rate in the industry.
    • Purifies 167 cubic feet per minute or 10,000 cubic feet per hour. 
    • Economical
    • Competitively priced 
    • each ClensAir™ unit will replace multiple competitors’ units.
    •  Simple 
    • Easy installation and maintenance. Plug-and-play. 
    • Reliable 
    • High-quality components for continuous operation. Applicable 
    • Works with any size room and any application. 
    • Energy Efficient 
    • Low energy consumption 
    • green technology. 
    • Low Maintenance 
    • Requires a fraction of maintenance cost as compared to competitors. 
    • ClensAir System Sepcifications 
    • Power Cord: 10 ft. 
    • Power: 110/220 Volt 
    • 2 Amp Power Consumption: 180 Watts 
    • Air Purification Capacity: 
    • 167 cu. ft. /Min OR 10,000 cu. ft. /Hour 
    • Dimensions 42" x 9.25" x 8"
    • Weight: 34 Pounds 
    • Shipping Dimensions  48" x 12" x 12" 
    • Shipping Weight 43 Pounds
    •  Warranty: 1 Year

    Weight (lbs)43
    Length (in)48
    Width (in)12
    Height (in)12
    Warranty1 Year
    Prop 65No
    UL ListedNo
    CFM Rating167 CFM
    Power Cord(s) IncludedYes
    Amps2 Amps
    Exact Watts180 Watts
    Voltage120/240 Volts
    Frequency50/60 Hz