Chikamasa Curved Blade Garden Scissors (6 Pack)

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Some of these B-series garden scissors have a fluorine coating on the blade to prevent any degradation from trimming. During periods of heavy trimming, sap and resin can bog down the efficiency of your scissors. This coating prevents that.

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Chikamasa Curved Blade Garden Scissors (6 Pack)

The Chikamasa B-500SR are curved, stainless steel blades with no coating. A curved tip makes it easy to reach hard-to-manage places when trimming or pruning. The outside edges of these Japanese-steel blades are grounded round, a first for Chikamasa. 

Rounded edges on scissors protect the grain of the flower, grape, or other agricultural commodities you’re pruning from bruising or further damage as you work. The B-500 series is the newest non-spring scissor from Chikamasa, explicitly designed for thriving and ever-expanding agriculture growers in the USA.

 Chikamasa combines knowledge from the ancient art of bonsai trimming with the needs of modern consumer agriculture. The result is a line of specialized garden scissors ideal for long hours of cutting and pruning in the field or chair.

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