Botanicare® CocoPro Bag

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CocoPro™ coir bags and compressed cubes provide all the benefits of high-quality coco, with the convenience and consistency of a mineral wool block.

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Botanicare® CocoPro Bag

High-Quality Media For High-Quality Growing

This high-performance blend of washed and buffered coco fiber, pith, and husk delivers oxygen to plant roots while retaining moisture and nutrients – giving you more control over your fertigation regimen. The breathable fabric bag promotes air/gas exchange for increased root-zone oxygen levels, provides excellent water drainage for faster dry-down times, and encourages natural pruning and branching for a healthy root system.

Chosen for its natural ability to retain nutrients and water, coco coir provides a desirable air/water ratio to help prevent over- and underwatering. The high-porosity blend in the Cubes and Plant in Bags helps your roots easily access water, aiding in plant vitality. Air-pruning fabric covers promote natural pruning and branching to help encourage vigorous root growth.

The Cocopro line is easy to ship, store and scale. Just add water to hydrate (see usage recommendations) and they’re ready to use. Plus, when your growing cycle ends, simply remove the bag and you can compost the coco coir, making your media easy to dispose of.

Features & Benefits of the CocoPro Bags
  • Premium, buffered coir
  • Thoroughly washed for low EC level
    • Low Sodium
    • Low Potassium
    • Low Chloride
  • Specifically blended to provide:
    • Excellent gas exchange
    • Proper water retention
    • A high degree of control over fertigation
    • Consistent air/water ratio throughout
  • Naturally retains up feeding plant (CEC)
  • Fabric cover that helps promote natural roots pruning and branching
  • *Compostable coir (remove bag materials before composting)

*Only coir is compostable – remove the bag before composting.

CocoPro Bag #1:
  • Compressed Weight: 1.43 lb
  • Bag Size: 0.26 gal
  • Case QTY: 130 EA
CocoPro Bag #3:
  • Compressed Weight: 2.1 lb
  • Bag Size: 2.4 gal
  • Case QTY: 14 EA
CocoPro Bag #5:

  • Compressed Weight: 3.15 lb
  • Bag Size: 3.5 gal
  • Case QTY: 12 EA

Weight (lbs)49.54
Length (in)12.125
Width (in)18.625
Height (in)16.250