Blueprint Liquid Propane CO2 Generator


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Featuring an output of up to a maximum of 26.5 cubic feet per hour of CO2, Blueprints CO2 Generators feature multiple safety features to keep you and your plants safe.

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Blueprint Liquid Propane CO2 Generator

The Blueprint CO2 Generator CGLP-2, features two preinstalled brass burners that generate 5.3 cu ft/hr of CO2 using liquid propane. The removable second burner makes it easy to reduce the CO2 and heat output to suit a smaller growing space. The Generator features electronic ignition and dual solenoid valves, which eliminate the open pilot flame and provide safe, reliable starts. A safety tip-over switch automatically stops gas supply to the burners if the unit is not upright. 

Includes gas regulator, 12’ hose, hanging hardware and a three-year warranty.

Weight (lbs)41.80
Length (in)9
Width (in)10
Height (in)18