Blueprint Controllers HID Hub


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The Blueprint HID Hub allows gardeners to efficiently and automatically control lighting in indoor gardens. The HID Hub controls up to 4/8 1000W HID ballasts, including both MH and HPS lighting systems. 

An integrated trigger cable facilitates any timed lighting sequence when connected to a standard 24-hour timing device. 

Features 4/8 universal outlets for a maximum lighting wattage of 4000W/8000W. The HID Hub is wall-mountable and comes with a three-year warranty.

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Blueprint Controllers HID Hub

Easily control lighting in your indoor garden with either the Blueprint HID 4 or 8 site Hub. Anyone that's running 4 or more lights should be running them on 240v. Running your lights on a 240v power supply has many great advantages. First, it's a "cleaner" power supply than 120v, and because of this your ballasts will run cooler and produce less heat (less heat is always a good thing!). Your bulbs will burn noticeably brighter, and they'll actually last longer before needing replacement on 240v as well. And here's a big one - the color output from the bulbs is superior to running the same bulb on 120v because all of our HID bulbs were designed to run on 240v! If that weren't enough, you'll also be able to control all of your lights with one small inexpensive 120v timer that plugs into the 'trigger cable' coming out of the HID-hub so they will all be on the exact same "on and off" time (no more synchronizing timers!). The 120v timer won't carry any of the power load of the ballasts because they are all directly powered up through the 240v HID-hub unit. Any of our regular 120v timers will work perfectly for this. 

Weight (lbs)3.7
Length (in)11.3
Width (in)9.3
Height (in)6.4