TrolMaster Alarm Station


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The AS-5 is an audio/visual alarm module that is specially designed for HCS-2, HCS-3, and NFS-2 controllers to provide a local alarm. When an alarm condition is detected by the controllers, the AS-5 will be activated to alert the users of the new alarm condition. It can be mounted inside or outside the room for monitoring.

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    TrolMaster Alarm Station

    The AS-5 Alarm Station is an audible-visual alarm that can be mounted inside or outside the grow rooms or grow facilities. It supports both audible and visible alarms to alert users in the event that the selected parameter goes above/below the preset levels.

    The AS-5 can be powered by the DSD-1 Dry Contact Station and connected to the CDA-1. When connected with the CDA-1, the AS-5 can be linked to either AL-1 or AL-2 CO2 sensors channel, or linked to both sensor channels for complete redundancy.

    The AS-5 can also directly connect to the Hydro-X Pro (HCS-2), Hydro-X Plus (HCS-3)


    • Temperature Resistance: 32-122°F
    • Humidity Resistance: ≤90%
    • Connector:                     DC 5.5*2.1 Male
    • Rated Voltage:                DC12V/24V
    • Rated Current:                60mA
    • Strobe:                           Red/ 120 FPM
    • Siren:                             85dB

    Weight (lbs)0.19
    Length (in)12
    Width (in)12
    Height (in)4