Airganics 1000 Filtered Air Purifier

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Combining three stages of filtration, including an optional Carbon Fusion tray filter or Fil-Pure HEPA filter, the Airganics 1000 Filtered Air Purifier is ideal for superior air cleaning in greenhouses, laboratories, hospitals, and other medical applications. Engineered for the removal of powdery mildew, mold, organic odors, airborne irritants, and more, it'll help create healthier indoor air in large spaces.

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Airganics 1000 Filtered Air Purifier

The Airganics 1000 is a powerful and portable filtration system engineered for odor neutralization and air filtration. By combining our Carbon Fusion tray filter, carbon pleated, and Merv filters, the Airganics 1000 is one of the most efficient and portable filtration systems in its class.


Perfectly suited for:

  • Odor Neutralization
  • Air Filtration
  • Mold Spore Containment / Removal
  • Laboratory, Medical, and Grow-room applications


The Airganics 1000’s vertical design keeps the footprint small and delivers up to 1000 CFM of airflow. The rotationally molded housings are seamless, leakproof, and virtually indestructible. Ideal for greenhouses, laboratory, medical, or hospital applications.

Utilizes Standard Ducting

12” intake door to 10” exhaust ports allows for maximum airflow with little restriction. Hook up a Duct-2-Go to exhaust filtered air or bring in fresh air from the outside.


  • Three Stages of filtration utilizing a Carbon Fusion tray filter ( optional Fil-Pure HEPA), Carbon pleated filter, and a prefilter
  • Large non-marrin wheels for ease of transport
  • Dent proof and virtually indestructible
  • Upright hand truck design allows for single person transport and operation
  • A compact footprint allows high air volume in a minimum space
  • Two speed air volume control ( 600 to 1000 CFM )
  • 12” ducting intake door ( optional)
  • Easy filter change with open access clip door
  • Hour meter ( optional ) to determine run time


  • Odor Neutralization or Air Filtration anywhere.
  • No installation is required. Turn-key systems are “Plug and Play”
  • Containment anywhere
  • Flexibility and portability lowers operation costs
  • Contain organically generated odors
  • Safety contain mold spores, airborne pathogens, or just nuisance dust
  • Mobile design allows for immediate air filtration at any location


  • Carbon Fusion tray filter for odors or an optional
  • Fil-Pure HEPA Filter ( 16 x 16 x 12” )
  • Fil-Pure Merv Pleated Filter ( 16” x 16” x 1” )
  • Fil-Pure Prefilters ( 16” x 16” x 1/2” )

Weight (lbs)98.00
Length (in)20
Width (in)23
Height (in)40
Air Volume2 Speed or Variable
600-1000 CFM
850-1700 m3/hr
Power115 Volt
5 amp, 60 Hz
FilterCarbon Fusion Tray,
Carbon Pleated,
Ring Panel