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The pH Perfect GROW, MICRO and BLOOM series from Advanced Nutrients has become an international benchmark for professional growers. 

Its intelligent formula regulates the pH of the water, guaranteeing the best performance and the best use of nutrients. 

It consists of 3 parts:

GROW: pH Perfect Grow (1-1-6) by Advanced Nutrients.

Composed of essential macronutrients with a higher proportion of Potassium to stimulate root development and plant structure.

MICRO: pH Perfect Micro (4-0-0) by Advanced Nutrients

It has high proportions of Nitrogen (N) and other secondary macronutrients that help stimulate the development of plant tissue and plant structure.

BLOOM: pH Perfect Bloom (1-3-4) by Advanced Nutrients

It contains the essential macronutrients giving a higher proportion of Phosphorus and Potassium to exploit the growth of your flowers and improve root health. 


• Shake well before use.
• Make a new solution every week.
• All 3 parts must be used together to obtain the desired results.

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