Trimpro Bucker

Trimpro Bucker

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    Trimpro Bucker

    The TRIMPRO BUCKER has been designed to facilitate the ‘bucking’ process being the removal of the flowers from the stem. Simple, fun, and safe to use, the TRIMPRO BUCKER will cut your bucking time by at least 50% while being gentler on the flowers as it eliminates scissors and the handling there associated with. Feed the stem into one of the holes and the BUCKER rubber rollers will pull it through leaving the branch cleanly stripped. The flowers are caught and ready to be loaded into the TRIMPRO TRIMMER of your choice. This machine saves time on an important step in the process of preparing your plants for the close-cut trim. Now, you can automate every step of the trimming process to save time, money, and energy. The Trimpro Bucker is a perfect industrial machine to speed up the important process of trimming. Like every Trimpro machine, you get custom machined parts and top-quality parts such as the motor and bearings. If you’re looking to cut down on your overhead and save some time and money, this is the perfect machine for you. Not everyone has the time, money, and energy to trim by hand and when you need to speed things up, look no further than the Bucker to save time in this essential step of the trimming process. The Bucker comes with the stand you see in the picture. Trimpro recommends you trim your flowers wet when using the Bucker.

    *Stand Included

    Mounted machine with stand: 29″ x 29″ x 50″
    Packaging machine only: 22″ x 18″ x 20″
    Packaging stand only: 41″ x 31″ x 8″

    The machine only: 89 Lbs
    Machine with stand: 119 Lbs

    Frame: Aluminum
    Blade: Stainless steel
    Rolls: Rubber

    Small blade: Holes size 1/8 – 3/16 – 1/4 – 5/16 – 3/8
    Large blade: Holes size 5/16 – 3/8 – 7/16 – 1/2 – 5/8 – 3/4

    Weight (lbs)89
    Length (in)21
    Width (in)21
    Height (in)24